#LongDirtyImagine Part XXVII

It’s just a story! Nothing is true or will ever come true!

Enjoy reading! (:


Bruno picks you up, kisses your lips smiling and carries you to bed. He lays down next to you and cuddles you. Then you both fall asleep.

The next morning you wake up. You smile at him. He is sleeping. Softly you kiss his forehead as he opens his eyes. He smiles: ‘Good Morning Baby.’ ‘Good Morning.’ You kiss his lips and get up. You jump under the shower, turn on the water. The warm water runs down your body when the door of the bathroom opens. You don’t notice Bruno coming inside the bathroom until he enters the shower and joins you. ‘Babe, wait until I’m done. I only need 5 minutes’ you say. ‘Now I’m here’ he laughs. You kiss him softly. ‘Okay.’ He runs his hands over your back to your ass. ‘No baby, not now!’ He looks at you disappointed. ‘Don’t look like this’ you say, touch the side of his face and kiss him. He kisses you back.

Smiling you leave the shower. You wrap the towel around you and do your hair. The shower opens and he steps out. Bruno hugs you from behind and kisses your cheek. You giggle: ‘Baby get a towel.’ His hands grab your towel and takes it off. Holding your towel up he says: ‘Is that good?’ You punch him and shout: ‘No, give it back.’ ‘Make me!’ You punch him again: ‘Bruno I’m not joking. Give it back!’ He runs through the bathroom with the towel. ‘BRUNO!’ you scream. ‘Give me the towel!’ He laughs at you. ‘Its not funny!’ You walk to him, pull the towel out of his hands and punch him again. ‘Ouch’ he shouts and rubs his arm where you punched him. ‘You deserved it!’ you say pissed and wrap the towel around you. ‘Oh come on, baby. I was just making fun.’ he explains. ‘I’m not in the mood for this right now.’ ‘Baby?’ he looks at you, grabs your hand, sits down on the edge of the tub and pulls you on his lap. ‘What’s wrong?’ You look in his eyes and wrap your arms around his neck. ‘I’m just not in the best mood. Don’t worry baby.’ You kiss him softly. ‘Really?’ ‘Yes.’ 

You smile, get up from his lap and get ready. ‘Can we go shopping today?’ you ask him smiling. ‘Of course, my baby.’

You both are in the city. In the first shop he takes your hand and runs straight to the women underwear. He gives you a few bras and panties. You just laugh. Holding your hand again he walks with you into the changing cubicle. He takes off your shirt. ‘Bruno, I can do it alone.’ you laugh. You try all the underwear and he decides what he buys for you.

After you left the shop you go to the next. ‘What else do you need?’ he asks. ‘Maybe a dress?’ you smile and walk with him to the dresses. ‘A long or a short one? Oh why do I ask you get them all if you want.’ You kiss him. ‘Thank you baby.’ You take a short, sexy, black dress and a longer, red one. You both enter the changing cubicle. Fast you take off your clothes and take the short dress on. ‘What do you say baby?’ ‘Wow, just wow!’ His eyes looks all over your body. ‘Gosh you’re so sexy.’ he whispers and kisses your neck. You smiles and wrap you arms around his neck. ‘I want you right now!’ you moan in his ear and grab his crotch. You unbutton his shirt and take it off smiling. Then you pulls down your dress. He smiles and runs his hands over your back to your ass. Your hands opens his pants and you put your hand inside his boxers. You pull it out, biting your lower lip. He pulls down his pants whit his boxers a little then touches your ass again. You take off your panties and smile. He smiles at you. ‘Now go inside already!’ Slowly he enters you. With closed eyes you suck on his neck. You both are turned on even more because of the fact all the time people could come in or hear you. He pushes you against the wall and thrust inside you hardly. You moan quietly as he kisses you. You scratch his back when he bumps inside you harder. ‘Gosh, give it to me baby.’ you moan loud. Bruno kisses you passionately. You moan in his mouth. He speeds up. While thrusting harder inside you he grabs your ass. You dig your fingers in his hair, biting his bottom lip softly. ‘Oh shit!’ you groan. His hips moves faster. You both moan. With an opened mouth you let your pleasure out and reach the climax. ‘Uhhh goooosh.’ you moan loud. He keeps thrusting. Then he cums. He slows down, kisses your lips and pulls out. ‘Oh babe.’ you kiss him softly and take on your clothes again. With a cheeky smile you say: ‘So we buy the dress?’ Bruno nods and gets dressed. You buy the dress and leave the shop.

2 hours later you are done with shopping so you go back home. You both sit on the couch. He sits on one side of the couch and you lay on the sofa with your head on his lap. His hands run through your hair. You really enjoy it when you both spend time together and just chill. Slowly you fall asleep.

When you wake up again Bruno isn’t there anymore. You run your hand over your face, yawn and get up. ‘Baby?’ you ask. ‘Where are you.’ You look for him in the kitchen, then in the bathroom, then in the bedroom. You walk upstairs to the guest room, then to the other bathroom and to the workroom. But you can’t find him. Disappointed you go back to the living room, take a blanket and sit down on the couch. You take your phone out of your pocket and call him. He picks up: ‘Yes?’ ‘Baby where are you?’ you ask him. ‘I’m underway.’ ‘When are you back?’ He answers: ‘Baby I’m back in a few minutes. Don’t worry.’ ‘Okay.’ you answer. ‘Love you.’ ‘Bye.’ You replace.

10 minutes later Bruno comes back. You get up and kiss him. ‘Hey baby.’ ‘I have a surprise for you.’ he smiles. ‘Wait here.’ He comes back with a little dog. ‘That’s Geronimo. I bought him today.’ He push him in your arms. ‘Wait here I have the other dog stuff.’ He comes back with a dog basket, two bowls, a dog leash, toys for dogs, dog food and a big bouquet of red roses. He puts everything down. You sit Geronimo on the floor. Bruno takes the flowers and gives them to you. You smile and kiss him. ‘Thank you Baby. But Geronimo, you could’ve asked me.’ You kneel down and stroke him. ‘But he’s so cute.’ You take a vase and put the flowers in it. Geronimo goes into his basket after he ate and drank. Then he falls asleep. Bruno kisses you softly and walks with you into the kitchen to make food. After eating you look on Geronimo.

Then you both go into the bedroom. You lay in the bed in underwear. Bruno stands in front of the bed. He turns on the music. His hand takes off his hat and throws it on you. ‘Hey!’ you giggle. He dances a little while taking off his shirt. ‘Uhh you sexy boy.’ He licks his lips, opens his pants and pulls the down. You stare at him. ‘Take your boxers off.’ you scream. ‘You have to help me!’ You get up and touch his abs. ‘Okay baby, then you also have to help me with my bra and panties.’ you bite your bottom lip. You take off his boxers in the same time as he pulls down your panties. Then he undoes your bra and throws it away. His lips touches yours. After a long passionately kiss he pushes you on the bed. He lays down on top of you with his chest on your hips and his hips on your chest. You both spread your legs and kiss each others special parts. He licks all over your pussy a few times when you kiss his dick. You kiss his balls a while then you take the dick in your mouth and suck it. At the same time he starts sucking on your clit. You move your hands over his ass and claw it. Loud moans leave your lips as you suck and lick his dick. His lips kiss your clit passionately. Quietly he groans against your pussy. You both build up the pressure. You moan louder. His hips move in the same rhythm as you suck. He sucks harder on your clit. His tongue moves from side to side over it. You stop sucking because you have to scream. ‘Oh goooood!’ you moan and cum. He licks your juice up. ‘Yummm’ he moans against your pussy and you take his dick in your mouth again. You keep sucking it until he cums, moaning loud. He gets up then lays down next to you. 

You kiss him from his lips to his ear and whisper ‘I want you inside me.’ He smiles and climbs on top of you. He strokes your hair out of your face and starts kissing you passionately. You run your hands over his back to his ass. Slowly he lowers his hips and enters you. He starts thrusting while you are kissing. He moves his hips fast back and forth. You moan in his mouth quietly. He bumps harder. You dig your nails in his back and cratch him while he speeds up. ‘Ohhh babe!’ you moan while closing your eyes and lean your head to the side. ‘Harder!’ you groan. He does what you say. He starts sucking on your neck. His hands grab your hips and he thrusts deeper inside you. You open your mouth and let the pleasure out. Sweat drips of his body on yours. You both are moaning while he rocks your body. He stops sucking on your neck and leaves a hickey. He keeps thrusting hardly inside your for a while. Your legs are shaking. Then you feel an orgasm rushing through your body. You moan really loud. Your hot juice runs down your pussy and thighs. You moan his name a few times, scratching his back. He reaches climax a little after you. You feel him shooting his load inside you. Both of you moan loud as he slows down. He pulls out slowly and rolls next to you. His lips kiss yours as he holds you close. You dont talk, just hold each other tight. The you fall asleep.

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